Using Grove Sensor Mezzanine Uart connection with Ultra96 V1 (or V2?)

Has anyone used the Grove Sensor Mezzanine with the Ultra96? If so, has anyone managed to get the USB UART connection on the mezzanine to work? I get output but am not able to input. I am able to talk to the board normally via the UART/JTAG adapter dongle. The V1 schematic shows that the appropriate pins (11, 13) on the low speed header are connected to HD GPIO 4 & 5. I guess I will need to change my design in Vivado to reflect this and then regenerate the various bootfiles (boot.bin etc.)?

Any clues welcome! Thanks in advanceā€¦

It should work. Just to clarify the debug uart used by linux is on separate uart pins that reside between the power jack and low-speed header.
If you just want to use the LS-UART1 that is connected to the usb-uart of the Grove Sensor Mezzanine, you can create a vivado design using the uart ip and hooking it up to the appropriate pins on the fpga.