Use of Audio Mezzanine with Hikey 960



I wanted to ask whether the Arrow Audio Mezzanine ( works with the Hikey 960 board. I want to use it to access audio input and output on the 960 board. The description from the link seems to indicate that audio interfacing is for the dragonboard 410c:

Access to the Analog Audio on the 410c board
3.5mm headset jack
Analog Mic
Digital Mic
Speaker connection



The audio features on the Audio mezzanine are powered by the analog header found on the Drabonboard family of boards (i.e. using the codec built into the PMIC). The analog header is a custom header and is not part of the 96Boards standard, meaning the audio features only work with the Dragonboard family of boards which implement this header.

Other board features (level shifted I/O, USB -> UART bridge) can work with other boards but the audio features will not.


Okay. I also wanted to ask what is recommended way to interface a MIC and speaker with the Hikey 960.



@a2t2: Any USB sound card should be fine.


@a2t2: Any USB sound card should be fine.


I’ve seen a demo on hikey960 where the mic/speaker were attached via the I2S pins on the LS connector (although I don’t think there’s a write up so reproducing it might be difficult) but USB sound cards tend to be a much more cost effective way to add audio.