Use CAN on dragonboard 845c rb3

Hi all,

I saw on the hardware documentation of the dragonboard 845 that it was possible to use CAN on LS2 expansion connector. I would like to use the CAN bus to drive some external peripherals.
Searching through the web and forums, I couldn’t find any information on this…Is there any device tree example or defconfig that can allow me to use SocketCAN at userspace.

Thank you !

I don’t think there is any guide for now, the CAN controller is connected to 845 SPI. From the schematics, This is a MCP2517FDT module, so I suppose the mcp251xfd Linux driver can handle it (net/can/spi/mcp251xfd/). For devicetree, you can look at the device binding documentation for example (net/can/microchip,mcp251xfd.yaml). So you need to add this CAN node as child of the spi0 node in sdm845-db845c.dts.