USB3.0 OTG super-speed, g_mass_storage

I am trying to make USB device based on the Linux g_mass_storage gadget.
The requirement for SBC is to be equipped with USB 3.0 port with OTG supporting super-speed (USB3.0 speed).
On the market I found solutions for which specification look good on the paper, but their forums brings information that not all is working correctly.

While I search 96boards products, my attention got focused on the:
Rock960 and Rock960c boards.

Can someone of you dear users/producers of those boards answer those questions:

  • is the USB OTG 3.0 port in g_mass_storage mode working with super-speed (USB3.0 speed)?
  • is there a problem with copying files bigger than 4GB in g_mass_storage?
  • what transfer speed you achieved (copying from/to eMMC or M.2 connected to Rock960) ?

Thank you in advance!

My understanding is that it should work in super-speed, however, you should have someone else confirm.

The 4GB limitation isn’t part of the usb or gadget implementation. That is a consequence of the filesystem backing it. fat32 supports a maximum file size of 4GB. Select a high quality filesystem such as ext4 to overcome this limiation.