USB Recovery (EDL / QDL) from Windows?


Has anybody used a Windows tool to do the USB recovery (described in “Using USB flashing tools

There are a few Windows tools out there. I tried XiaoMiFlash tool and it seems to do something, but didn’t fully recover the board.
If anybody knows a way/tool to be able to Recover using Windows, please let me know.

We have moved most of our develop environment from VirtualBox/Ubuntu to Windows/WSL, including kernel build, fastboot, building applications. The only thing left is the recovery. It would be nice if this could be done in Windows too without VM. We need to provide Recovery feature to our customers (only when something really bad happened :wink: but asking customers to install VirtualBox/Ubuntu just for Recovery is a bit overkill.



AFAIK, QDL uses the EDL USB serial port (ttyUSB…), so if you’re able to export the Windows COM port to WSL it ‘should’ be possible to use QDL:


Hi @tamo2

I thought you could do complete recovery using the DragonBoard Update Tool that comes with Windows development for the DragonBoard This tool will allow you to reinstall the FFU even with a blank eMMC device on the board, from there you can update the build and apps.

-Lawrence- (no longer a Qualcomm employee)
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Loic, Lawrence,
Thanks for the info! I will take a look!