Usb-otg serial emulation (g_serial kernel module) does not work

Hello everyone.

I am trying to emulate the board’s usb-otg to a serial usb (ttyXXX) using the g_serial module. I made it work once after trying plenty of experiments, mostly with connecting and disconnecting the usb ports.

Right now I have done trying all combinations of otg connected and regular usb.

My OS is ubuntu ver 15.09 on the dragon board 410c, with the alip rootfs. Currently it is the latest kernel & fs. I am managing the board through wireless using an ssh connection.

My PC does not recognize the usb connection at all, what can be the problem ?

Got it, I needed to make sure the S6 switches are off (the USB Host was in the middle), and that the USB OTG is connected before the device is powered up