USB host (Type A) usage on Debian

I’m running the latest Debian build (March 20) on the board and I’m trying to connect SSD drive via USB.
No one port (Type A) is working and the drive is not powered.

Is it possible to use these ports in the Debian build?

I think the USB host is supported by default in Debian build, but you need to firstly unplug the type-c port cable (USB type-c port and USB host port cannot be enabled at the same time, and type-c port has high priority than USB host, so USB host will be enabled until you disconnect the type-c cable).

Actually no cable is connected to type-c port.

I’ve tried to dig into kernel source, it looks like hisi_hikey_usb is impementing usb on this device. I have the driver node in sysfs (/sys/bus/platform/drivers/hisi_hikey_usb) but it does not have an attribute nodes it it. I’ve also did not find any log in the dmesg related to this driver.

I’ve managed to make it working finally!
The reason is (as usual) me: I had an ancient firmware (l-loader etc.) dated by August and skipped its update while flashing the Debian image.
I’ve flashed a newest (Dec 2018) firmware and USB started to work.

The clue to understand it was an incorrect (incomplete) device tree shown by kernel - it differs from the one I’ve expected…

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