USB host ports stop working

I am trying to use a mouse and keyboard to control the Dragonboard.

The USB host ports on the Dragonboard 410c stop working after a few minutes. I have only reproduced it twice so I don’t have numbers.

At first, the USB ports stopped working because I was powering the board from 3.5V instead of 7.0V. But now they occasionally stop working even with 7.0V power.

Solution: Power the board with the correct voltage.

By “stop working” I mean that there will be no power delivered to the mouse and the Dragonboard will not respond to it. BUT if I plug in the mouse half way such that the USB power pins are connected but not the data pins, I can see the red light of the mouse turn on. But when I plug it in fully then it turns off again.

Solution: Unplug the micro-USB cable (the ADB debug port) Only one of ADB or USB host can be active at once. Not both.

thanks for sharing this information.

I’m confused. You are not describing a problem, you are describing that the board is working exactly as intended and as described in the instruction manuals.

  1. Of course you can’t power USB devices on 3.5 volt. I’m surprised that the board actually powered up at that low of a voltage. 3.5 volt is outside of the range specified for the board.

  2. Of course you can’t use the HOST ports when the DEBUG port is in use. The SoC only has ONE USB port, and there is a switch on the board that automatically switches it to the debug port when there is a connection there.

I get exactly this problem but even if I disconnect the microUsb it still does not work. Same for the mouse plug half way. I think the mouse disconnect by itself if it does not receive some signal back from the host (dragonboard)

Anyone experiencing this problem?
I made some other thread in this forum but since no one answer seriously I take opportunity to use this one.

Thank you for anyone willing to help.

I think the problem is not hardware, (at least I never had any short or problems and using regular USB mouse and kboard).
I am not kean to buy a new board if it does brake for nothing. I need a professional product to work with and not a gadget.