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Hi Everyone,

I am having issues with the Windows (8.1) USB drivers for ADB also. I have tried the recommended steps on Coursera and still no luck. In a few posts above Akira lists a link in which another member had success with when the link was valid. Looks like the link is no longer valid again at -> adb usb driver windows DB410C. Actual link below.

I would really appreciate it if I can have access to the actual ADB USB drivers for the DB410C in a single downloadable file (like listed in the link above that is no longer active). If anyone could assist that would be great. Thanks! LG


Hello @sdrobertw @sujai
can you please tell how to configure ADB in our host machine as most students are facing and complaining so many problems. i will request you please make a video to show step by step on our windows laptop so that we can connect our dragonboard 410c with that since long i am facing this problem .please help. and in this video also they mention to configure ADB ?NOT ABLE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.PLEASE HELP

thanks in advance !!!


@sdrobertw @sujai
PLEASE TELL ME WHY dragonboard 410c’s bluetooth and wi-fi led’s are blinking as soon as they get power and board is not booting up and no display is shown. and Number 4 user led is not blinking .
board heat up even.
please suggest me what to do?

thanks in advance !!!


The correct link is Step by step instruction to install adb usb driver on Windows
The previous ones are giving 404 Not found error. If nothing works just search step-by-step-instruction-to-install-adb-usb-driver-on-windows in forum . you will get it.