Usb adb debug not working

I’ve got my Rock960 device a few days ago, with android preinstalled.
While i’m able to connect ADB via wifi, I can not get ADB debug via usb type C port.

Is there some setting that I should enable to use it for debuging ?
(I’ve already enabled Developer options → usb debugging)

Do you have serial console, what’s happen when you insert USB cable to type-C in dmesg output?

Hi Loic

[ 53.988871] fusb302 4-0022: CC connected in 0 as UFP
[ 53.996667] cdn-dp fec00000.dp: [drm:cdn_dp_pd_event_work] Not connected. Disabling cdn
[ 54.036988] phy phy-ff770000.syscon:usb2-phy@e450.6: charger = USB_SDP_CHARGER
[ 54.042645] rockchip-dwc3 usb@fe800000: USB peripheral connected
[ 56.910742] fusb302 4-0022: PD disabled

it is what you mentioned ?

Yes, I didn’t find any android image to test this, so not sure it’s supported.
From the log USB seems to correctly switch in device mode, do you have any dmesg trace on host computer ?

You used adb over tcpip previously, did you switch back the device to usb mode before your tentatives:

adb usb

when you connect rock960 to host computer, what’s lsusb shows on host computer?

Hi Loic
After a day off, a few reboots, and playing with the settings i’ve got it working.

The current settings are:
Menu → Developer options →
USB settings = OFF
USB debugging = ON
Internet Adb = ON

Menu → Settings → More Settings → Developer options →
USB debugging = ON
Select USB Configuration = MTP

Probably the last one do a change after a reboot

Thank you for help

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