Update Android upgrade_tool

Board based on the Rockchip RK3399 - ARM Cortex-A72 Dual-core up to 1.8GHz + Cortex A53 Quad-core up to 1.4GHz

Just get the board today and want to upgrade the Android using the " upgrade_tool" method.

Try loading using the “sudo upgrade_tool uf rkupdate.img”
All 3 img failed during the loading & report Firmware Error…
Only “Android TV 7” [RKUpdate] pass download but would not bootup the Android.

Any suggestions ??

Forget about trying to muck around with rockchip tools. In my experience, they simply do not work. At least not on the “c” version of the board, of which I’ve tried on THREE boards. The USB port that these tools are supposed to run on does not appear to be connected correctly to the SoC and doesn’t work in ANY mode, including host mode.

So instead, what you want to do is download the “GPT” version of the firmware, then your installation works like this;

On a separate computer run;
# dd if=gpt.img of=sdcard bs=1M status=progress

Wait for that to finish and stick it in the rock960. You’re done.

If you want to install to an eMMC, do this;
ALSO download the ubuntu “all in one” image (note that the web page is screwed up around the link for the “c” version, so its harder to see).

  • install the ubuntu build to an sdcard as per the previous instructions above. Then also COPY the android gpt.img to the sdcard. Then boot the rock960 on the ubuntu image, and use dd to install the android gpt.img to the eMMC.

Also, if you’re having trouble booting after installing, make certain that you are using the correct image. There are two versions of the rock960 that behave different;
There is “AB” version,
and there is “C” version.

You can tell the difference by looking at the eMMC. If the eMMC is soldered, it is an “AB”. If the eMMC is connected by a snap-in socket or not present, it is a “C”.

Thanks for the info. my board is Rock960(A/B).
I use the Window Host method to load the GPT.img to SDcard for Android and it runs.

Do you know how to install from SDcard into eMMC for Android ?

As for using the update_tools method, have 2 questions :

  1. In 96Board steps - ```
    sudo cp rkdeveloptool /usr/local/bin/
2. Does the config.ini need to be modified ? any steps ?

By following the instructions I gave you in my previous message.