Unable to search the forum



I’m not sure where to report this but the search on this forum seems to be broken. I was looking for an older thread on heatsinks for the DragonBoard 410c

I tried searching for heatsink on the forum and found no results: http://www.96boards.org/?s=heatsink
"Not so happy with results? Search for a new keyword"

However a google search shows the thread I was looking for as the top result:

After some more digging it appears that the search function does not include the forum content. Only the other content on the site. Could searching the forum be enabled? It would be convenient to be able to search within the site instead of needing to go out to google to navigate within the forums archives.


Hi @tfoote,

Yes, we are aware of the behavior of the search box on the forum and conducting updates but have not reached to the point to settle down.

For the mean time, as you mentioned, please use google search engine for searching contents in the forum.
“site:http://www.96boards.org search-word”