Unable to reach repo.linaro.org when building custom roofts


Hi, I’m referencing the following jenkins configurations to build a custom debian rootfs for the SD 410:

[1] https://ci.linaro.org/job/debian-arm64-rootfs/configure
[2] https://ci.linaro.org/job/96boards-reference-platform-debian/configure

In the [1] configuration, it pulls the following git repository:
[3] https://git.linaro.org/ci/ubuntu-build-service.git/tree/

This repository [3], has various live-build configurations.
I successfully built the ‘jessie-arm64-alip’ configuration on March 6th 2017.

This configuration adds the following repository:
referenced in this file: customization/archives/linaro-overlay-repo.list.chroot

However as of on March 7th, 2017 (yesterday), live-build fails when apt attempts to reach this repository.

Furthermore, in the [2] configuration, the following deb packages (image-tools) are downloaded and installed:

I was able to download these packages on March 6th.
However, now I am no longer able to reach repo.linaro.org to do so

Also, I am using linaro-hwpack-create and linaro-media-create to build a custom roofts (fasboot compat).
However, I only need the rootfs (fastboot compat) and not the boot image or SD card image.

To achieve this, I used the following steps, referencing the [2] configuration:
1.) Use linaro-hwpack-create to build the dragonboard410c hwpack

linaro-hwpack-create --debug --backports dragonboard410c ${VERSION}

2.) Use hwpack and rootfs from [1] to build SD card image

linaro-media-create --dev fastmodel \
        --output-directory . \
        --image-file dragonboard410c-debian-jessie-alip-sdcard-${VERSION}.img \
        --image-size 2500M --binary ${ROOTFS_BUILD_TAR} \
        --hwpack hwpack_linaro-dragonboard410c_*.tar.gz \
        --bootloader uefi

3.) Mount the boot rootfs parts of the SD image

mkdir boot rootfs
sudo kpartx -avs dragonboard410c-debian-jessie-alip-sdcard-${VERSION}.img
sudo mount -o loop /dev/mapper/loop0p1 boot
sudo mount -o loop /dev/mapper/loop0p2 rootfs

4.) Use ext2simg to build the rootfs - ext4fs (fastboot compatible)

sudo cp configs/96boards-reference-platform-debian/extlinux/dragonboard410c.conf extlinux.conf
sed -e "s/mmcblk0p10/mmcblk1p2/g" extlinux.conf > extlinux-sd.conf
sudo mkfs.ext4 -L rootfs dragonboard410c-rootfs-debian-jessie-alip-${VERSION}.emmc.img.raw 2500M
mkdir rootfs_ext4
sudo mount -o loop dragonboard410c-rootfs-debian-jessie-alip-${VERSION}.emmc.img.raw rootfs_ext4
sudo cp -a rootfs/* rootfs_ext4
sudo cp extlinux.conf rootfs_ext4/boot/extlinux
sudo cp extlinux-sd.conf rootfs/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf
sudo umount boot rootfs_ext4 rootfs
sudo ext2simg -v dragonboard410c-rootfs-debian-jessie-alip-${VERSION}.emmc.img.raw out/dragonboard410c/dragonboard410c-rootfs-debian-jessie-alip-${VERSION}.emmc.img

Just wasn’t sure if there was a simpler way to only build the rootfs (fastboot compatble) piece.



i think it might have been a temporary issue. it seems to be working and accessible now. have you tried again? do you still have issues?


Hi ndec, I am able to reach the repo now.