Unable to interface AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 66W to Hi-Key

Hi everyone,

Currently i am using a power adapter to power-up the Hi-key board.

Power Adapter details
Brand Name- YHY
Model Number - YHY-12003000
Input - 100-240V
Output Voltage - 12V
DC connector - 5.52.1/5.52.5

Above DC plug connector is not fit into Hi-Key input power interface Jack ( Connector Type 1.7mm ID, 4.75mm OD).

When we procured new Hi-key960 board, we received new barrel power converter pin/Cable where my 12V power adapter is interfaced in one end of the barrel power converter and other end of barrel converter pin is connected to Hi-Key board.

I lost that Converter cable/pin, may i know the online website o procure barrel converter pin/cable.


There is no 96Boards branded product for this (although some vendors to bundle then with boards as a convenience). I usually go to eBay to find things like this. Searching for 5.5mm 4.75mm comes up with several options (I’m in the UK so I’ve linked to the UK site but most of the time the sellers are international):