Ultra96v2 UART Access without USB JTAG/UART module

The courier lost my JTAG/UART module I had ordered for my ultra96-v2 board. Not having the means to re-order one, I was wondering if it was possible to connect to the UART directly via jumper leads? Anyone do this? I was thinking of booting from the SD card, and the UART would be the console (this is for PetaLinux).

I am assuming you don’t need the JTAG interface?

Do you mean to attach the UART Rx and Tx lines from the Ultra96-V2 directly to a serial port on a PC? That probably won’t work. A PC’s UART is usually RS-232, and as such the signaling for the Rx and Tx is often -12V to +12V. The signaling for the Ultra96-V2 UART, on the other hand, is 0V to +3.3V. You can, however, make your own USB UART adapter fairly easily like this person did on the Element14 forums:

You can also purchase a 3.3V to 5V TTL UART adapter like this one:

Keep in mind the UART connector on the Ultra96-V2 is 2.0mm spacing so you will need flyleads that can convert this to the more standard 0.1" spacing: