Ultra96 Safety missing


I am looking for a hardware engineer who can help me get the ultra96 board up and running again. I accidentally plugged in the mezzanine board with unaligned LS connector. The board was switched off but was plugged-in. Which resulted into the VCC_5V0 and VSYS_IN input get shorted because of the GND pins very next to them. Ultra96 have a missing design safety feature which could lead to this problem very easily. And I have seen they have rectified it in version 2 with a schottky diode which is good.

My project is in middle and boards are out of stock at avnet. The only options available are either to fix my current board. Or to find someone selling it.

If you know anyone who can fix it please let me know. Or anyone who is selling it, in the USA please let me know. I am in urgent need. can’t wait till June for version 2 to arrive.

Thank you