Ultra96 JTAG/UART Pod available for order


You can now order the Ultra96 JTAG/UART Pod to add to your Ultra96 Kit. We expect to start shipping these by end of August.


We are shipping the Pods now.

***WARNING – Be cautious with ESD protection when using this board with Ultra96. The Ultra96 has exposed pins on the UART and JTAG headers. Be careful not to touch these pins or the circuits on the Pod when plugging the boards together.


Is there some more documentation available about the JTAG adapter for the Ultra96 board? What commands does it support and does it work with GDB also or does it require Xilinx Tools?

This JTAG adapter for the Ultra96 board is targeted to work with the Xilinx SDK, Vivado, and PetaLinux tools. The Xilinx SDK can use either GDB or (preferred) TCF debugger. Other non-Xilinx tools may work, but have not been tested. All of the Xilinx tools can be used with a no-cost license (for Vivado this is the Webpack edition license).


Will this adapter work with the Ultra96 board only? I would it work with any XCZU3EG? Or even with any XCZUxEG?

This adapter is specifically made to mechanically mate with the Ultra96 board. For other Xilinx dev and eval boards and SOMs like UltraZed we have the HS3 JTAG adapter:



Other Avnet boards have a separate UART connection that requires a separate USB micro-B cable. The Ultra96 is somewhat unique in that the UART and JTAG share a single USB interface to the PC.


To add to what Tom is saying, the Ultra96 JTAG/UART Pod theoretically could work with other boards and Xilinx devices. The Pod is powered from the USB connector on the Pod. It does have level translators on the JTAG pins. The Pod uses the standard JTAG interface that is recognized by the Xilinx tools. There is no ID checking that limits the Pod to only work with Ultra96 or the ZU3EG or ZU+ for that matter.


  1. Most other boards already have a USB-UART transceiver on-board, so I assume we are really only talking about the JTAG.
  2. The Pod was never tested with anything other than Ultra96
  3. The Pod’s 1x7 2mm JTAG is unlike any other board out there, and the kit does not ship with 2mm jumper wires to make interfacing to other boards easy. It fits exactly with the Ultra96 mechanically without jumper wires.

If you choose to use the JTAG/UART Pod with something other than Ultra96, you do so at your own risk. Neither Avnet nor Xilinx will provide support for this.

We hope you are using Ultra96!


Thanks for the quite response. Seem getting a HS3 makes sense.
Reason why I’m asking is, that I will get another custom made board with a XCZUxEG and another non-standard JTAG connector soon. So I was wondering if the pod might work there also, as I have to build a mechanical adapter anyway.