Ultra96 End of life?

Hi there,
Suppliers of Ultra96 board said they won’t restock it. Is it b/c it’s being discontinued?
Will there be a replacement(96 based zynq)?
If yes; what info is available already?


We are in the process of releasing an updated/refreshed version of Ultra96, so it is accurate that the current Ultra96 will not be re-stocked. The replacement should be available in May. In the meantime, we still have stock at Farnell: https://uk.farnell.com/avnet/aes-ultra96-g/dev-board-arm-zynq-ultrascale/dp/2858349
We will be releasing more information by the end of March.


I was hoping for May. Customer support just told me that it will be July until we can expect any shipments.
Anybody here who has an “old” Ultra96 board for me?

@axel – please let me know which Avnet customer support is telling you that, because it is incorrect. If you goto http://avnet.me/NewUltra96V2, and then click the Pre-Order button, the Americas website shows availability on June 4th. We may have some before that, but we have orders that exceed the number coming in during May. If you have an urgent need, then place the order and message me with your order details, and I will do my best to get it prioritized.


@fletch: it was the global support that told me this. Thanks for letting me know, I will place an order then.