Ubuntu on SD card to internal memory

Probably an easy question, I apologize in advance but I can’t seem to get the proper procedure to follow.
My rock960-B is running Ubuntu server arm64(on SD card) for almost a year now since I last flashed the 12-18-2018 server image.
The OS has been updated since(always thru sudo apt upgrade) and it is running as plex server and pi-hole server.

Now, Is there any way that I can transfer the current Ubuntu server I’m using from SD card to the rock960’s 32 gig internal memory without losing any data?

Boot it on the sdcard, then remount all FS RO, then dd the sdcard to internal.

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You can try the following, and i’m in no way guaranteeing that i will work.

# create sdcard image
dd if=/dev/<sdcard> of=system.img status=progress
# put rock960 into maskrom mode and flash
rkdeveloptool wl 0 system.img

more on the rkdeveloptool bit: https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/rock/installation/linux-mac-rkdeveloptool.md.html

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