Ubuntu not seeing poplar board on fastboot


I am having issues getting my linux (Ubuntu) to see the poplar board. I have the board on fastboot 0 and when i run fastboot devices or adb devices nothing is listed.

I am following the directions on:


When you run “fastboot 0” on U-Boot prompt, do you see USB device detected on PC side, something like below on dmesg output?

usb 2-1.4: new high-speed USB device number 7 using ehci-pci
usb 2-1.4: New USB device found, idVendor=18d1, idProduct=d00d
usb 2-1.4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 2-1.4: Product: USB download gadget
usb 2-1.4: Manufacturer: HiSilicon
usb 2-1.4: SerialNumber: 0123456789POPLAR


How do i check for this message?
Should it appear automatic on the terminal?


Run command ‘dmesg’ on Ubuntu terminal.


I haven’t got the new poplar board (the old one I have doesn’t support fastboot) but I can’t see anything in the docs explaining how to hook up the USB cabling and IIRC the fastboot connection was going to be a little odd for this board.

What is cables have you got connecting your board to your PC?


There is a Type-A-Male to Type-A-Male USB cable shipped with HopeRun Poplar board. Connecting USB2 port of Poplar to host PC using the cable should get you Fastboot.


I do not get that message
I post the whole list here with screenshots.


I am using a micro-USB cable (board) to Type-A-Male USB cable (host). Is that incorrect?


Yes. The micro-USB is simply a serial port with a USB interface. It cannot be used for fastboot or adb.

Note also that if you have the original poplar board (made by Tocoding) it cannot support fastboot at all. You can recognise an original poplar board because it has two (host mode only) USB sockets on the “front” next to the IR receiver.

If you have a new poplar board (made by Hoperun) this double USB socket will have been replaced by a single type A socket (that is OTG capable). This requires a special type A to type A cable to operate in OTG mode.


I have the Tocoding board. How would you recommend loading android onto the board?


Tocoding board fades out from the official support, but you can follow the documents below to try old Android build.


The instruction still has me using the flashing process to get the android build on the board, is there an alternative method to load the android onto the board (if flashing is not enabled).


The documents I gave you will instruct you flash Android images onto eMMC using USB disk, and it doesn’t request fastboot support.


I’m sorry I’m a little confused, this is the same document i initially followed. Are you saying after i get to step 4. Build of ( Compiling userspace ), I should flash andriod image onto eMMC. Is there instructions for doing that? and when i make my image i get a folder with multiple files not one ios file


More specifically:


Thank you all for the information.
Just to clear up everything, i cant get android 7 or 8 onto the board through flashing, and there is no other method.


What about putting the android 8 image onto a SDcard and booting it from there, is there a process for that. I see there is an microSDcard slot


The method to flash the Tocoding poplar boards is to boot via USB.

From USB we can boot to a u-boot shell. This is what is happening in the v1.0 document Shawn shared; step 3 uses u-boot commands instead of adb comments).

The alternative is to boot a full distro from the USB stick. This allows you to use all the normal GNU/Linux tools to provision the eMMC. This is what my poplar-usbstick does: https://github.com/daniel-thompson/poplar-usbstick . Note that currently the poplar-usbstick can only install Debian. It could certainly be modified to install other operating systems instead but this isn’t supported.