Ubuntu Bionic is here!


download tar file

PR is very welcome.


Do you know armbian.com ?? maybe you can add support for Hikey970 :slight_smile:


armbian use SD card to load image.
But I think fastboot is good enough for current usage.


armbian can generate any image
so same stuff as you did


How to I boot this from an SD card in my 970?


Can you explain how to change pre-installed android images in UFS to ubuntu? I am new to Hikey board and there is not enough document for the hikey 970 board yet.


I’m not familiar with this distr. Maybe you can show us a tutorial?



Thanks Meng. I flashed and successfully booted the ubuntu. However, there are some minor things not working.

  1. screen is still blank to me. (No time to debug)
  2. sdd12 is 4GB. (I guess what you guys call, ptable, should be updated)
  3. board is too hot. (not sure what is the right temperature, but still having several thermal kernel warnings)



My pleasure and dmesg or pull request on Github are very welcome.

  1. Have you try to install destop-enviorment like lxde or gnome?
  2. yes, that’s a bug, I need help on mkfs.ext4 online resize parameter. Neither -E resize= nor -j -J works.
  3. It’s normal and you need a DC fan or AC to cool it.


Hi, how are you seeing that board is successfully booted into ubuntu? As i am unable to see any output on HDMI monitor?



Hi Mengzhuo, I tried to rebuild the kernel using the hikey970_4.9 branch but when I apply it to your image it doesn’t really works as expected (it constantly panics or doesn’t give me access to the sockets)
Have you made any modification to the kernel menuconfig when you created this image or you just used the defconfig?