UART connection problem

i tried to connect pc rock960 v1.3 through usb uart cable, but i can’t get anything
i used all the tools putty serial, minicom but unfortunetly
somone can he helps me
thanks a lot for advance

Could you please check your running at correct baudrate (1500000) which is quite uncommon. Also check rx/tx are correctly cross connected. Which software are you running?

thanks, yeah i saw it but th eproblem for me is to ensure uart connection using rs232, i do it the physical conection but i don’t succed to access card

It’s not RS232 serial but TTL serial, what is the model of your adapter?

even rs232 is useful to ensure uart connection, you can look for it but in my case i didn’t succeed

I have to repeat what Loic said… the UART signalling on rock960 is not RS232 and using an RS232 adaptor without a suitable level converter could damage your board because RS232 is much higher voltage than the TTL signals (and inverted). To be honest I think it is unlikely you actually have an RS232 adapter (being based on FT232RL does not imply the adaptor uses RS232 signalling) but we just don’t know because you haven’t provided any details.

You need to describe exactly what you have connected to what (e.g. what adaptor you have, how it is wired up, etc). and what commands you have run on the PC.