Trying to build android 7.1

I am reading the PDF document that explains how to build android using manifests at CodeAurora, as well as it saying to download the board support file.

Appears codeaurora latest output is LA.BR.1.2.9-04610-8x16.0, but according to the PDF I need the board support package for this, and the qualcomm site link they list is OLD! it hasnt kept up to-date with codeaurora.

So how is codearora keep spitting out manifests?

I am a newb at this so how do I get this to work?

The reason I need to do this is I need CIFS/NFS/SMB support and hte stock kernel that comes with this piece of unsupported junk has NO kernel modules loaded except WLAN, and they required signed modules. So I am stuck.

@techknight BSP for andriod 7 is not yet released on Qulacomm developer network .