Tinycap issue on db845c

The db845c is ported with Android 11 Automotive.
The kernel and android framework are from the master branch of android-common-kernel and aosp repository recently.
When I try to use “tinycap” to get sound from the mic on db845c:
tinycap /data/2.wav -D 0 -d 2 -r 48000 -t 5

The sound file can be acquied, but there’s no sound data found in it(data are all zero in binary format)
My config with “tinymix set” are listed below:
tinymix set ‘MultiMedia3 Mixer SLIMBUS_0_TX’ ‘1’
tinymix set ‘AIF1_CAP Mixer SLIM TX0’ ‘1’
tinymix set ‘CDC_IF TX0 MUX’ ‘DEC0’
tinymix set ‘ADC MUX0’ ‘DMIC’
tinymix set ‘DMIC MUX0’ ‘DMIC0’
tinymix set ‘DEC0 Volume’ ‘60’

 Can anybody help or do you meet with such issue ?
 Thank you so much.

@doitright, if you can help.Thank you so much.

@doitright,thank you.

  1. I try to modify the parameter of tinycap:
    tinycap /data/2.wav -D 0 -d 3 -r 48000 -t 5
    with the config:
    tinymix set ‘MultiMedia4 Mixer SLIMBUS_0_TX’ ‘1’
    But the PCM device can’t be opened

  2. PORT_BUILTIN_MIC is modifed to “2” and recompile.
    tinycap /data/2.wav -D 0 -d 2 -r 48000 -t 5, still got the same result with all data zero.

I try to add log in audio_hw.c
ALOGE(“adev open”);


But as if the function adev_open was not entered, while the log in kernel/sound/soc/qcom/q6dsp/driver can be
printed in my serial port.