TEE OS on Poplar


Hello everyone,

I have a normal linux app runing on the OS, I want to run this same app on the TEE OS. Is the any documentation to explain how I can proceed? This is the first time I try to use a TEE, can anyone help?



Sorry but there’s no TEE OS support on the poplar atm. Only hikey and hikey960.


The poplar is using a Hi3798cv200 chipset from hisilicon. There isn’t an arm trustZone on this chipset?


The HW is there. The SW isn’t.


Are there plans to add Poplar TEE OS support and for it to appear here? https://github.com/OP-TEE/optee_os#3-platforms-supported

If yes any rough estimate when this should happen?


This work is lined up to start late next week. No estimate atm.


Thanks for prompt reply.

Request issue left open until you have at least an initial estimate.

Thanks again.



Any update on when poplar board Op-TEE support?
Thanks for update, sorry for not replying earlier.


Patches are pending internal review. Will post an update once they’re approved.


Poplar support is now available in OP-TEE. Thank you for your patience!