Support omx and gst-omx


I built with meta-qcom for dragonboard-820c but I did’t see omx library.
Someone know that the dragonboard-820c has plan to support omx library.

I think that V4L2 supports but I would like to use omx and gst-omx for media acceleration.


as far as I know, there is no plan to support OMX library in our releases.

How can we do h264 compression if omx is not supported?

yes, you can. The kernel exposes the codec through the standard v4l2 (m2m) interface, and you can use that interface from the user space to use video codecs.

You can use the interface directly, like we do in our sample/test apps:

Or you can use Gstreamer that has built in support for v4l2 m2m drivers. Note that FFmpeg has built in support for v4l2 decoder only (not encoder).