Support Build & Update Linux kernel for Debian/OpenEmbedded Error


I am a newbie in kernel development. I am trying to build the kernel using following link -

I am able to flash build and flash kernel successfully but after that, my board is not showing any Debian desktop screen and only led 1 is blinking twice continuously.

Please guild me if I am missing some steps in this process.

When hacking kernel it’s recommended to have a serial debug to get kernel log.

I suggest to first intall the latest release and then build the kernel according the release note (which refer to the right branch): e.g.
cf How to get and customize the kernel source code

But I haven’t done any modifications in kernel code. I have just build the same code and flash into my Dragonboard but after that it’s not booting up. I have insert memory card of Debian image in order to install whole os again to start my board.