Stuck in fastboot

I flashed linux using the instructions provided by fabo here.

After restoring the switches to boot normally and rebooting, I’m now trying to connect to the device using adb, but when I get “adb devices” none are listed, and when I get “fastboot devices” my devices is being reported as if it’s still in fastboot.

Am I still in fastboot despite restoring the switches? How do I get out? How can I connect using adb?

what does the uart output show?

I don’t currently have hardware for connecting via uart. If it’s possible without uart, that’s how I would prefer to continue.

no. not yet. HDMI support on linux/gnu for hikey960 is still WIP

Linux doesn’t have adb, it android specific. ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Thanks for the help. I recall seeing that there wasn’t HDMI support yet. I think I first saw posted in the spring, and I hadn’t seen any recent updates, so I guess I was hopeful.