Stereo robot vision


How can we set up a robot with the stereo vision like the Qualcomm Snapdragon Cargo? Is this a one-piece camera setup? How is the board prepared? This depth perception vision is what I need for my outdoor robot.


Hi Rodolfo, welcome to the 96Boards forums!

It is true that the 96Boards CE platforms are fairly well suited to mobile robotics applications since they have a small standard form factor and provide access to a range of modern and powerful SoCs. However I’m afraid this isn’t a specialized robotics forum. The people here are well placed to help you explore boards such as the Dragonboard 410c but I doubt there are many experts in computer vision on these forums to help you and even fewer who know specific details about how Qualcomm’s robotics researches constructed their demos.

Best I can suggest is that you take a look at Qualcomm’s FastCV software. I can’t really help you to use it. I only know its name, that it is made by Qualcomm and that it is a computer vision library optimized for Qualcomm devices!