Stable 4.9 Kernel build process

I need help to compile Android Pie r3 with default kernel

On trying the below steps the UI doesn’t boot with System.img of PIE post the below working steps for 4.9.

Hikey960 not booting .

Appreciate any help if someone tried for AndroidPie recently and any stable kernel build options.

Your message is a little bit confusing.
First of all, “Android Pie r3”? Are you referring to the “android-9.0.0_r3” stable release branch?

  1. Release branches are NOT SUPPORTED. Only MASTER branch.
  2. Even if it was supported, why would you be trying to build r3 and not r51?

These are the “official” instructions for building AOSP for hikey960: – they work, follow them. Once you have something working, then you can start mucking around in the source and building your own kernels and so on.

Don’t build your own kernel until you have successfully booted on the pre-built kernel.

Yes “android-9.0.0_r3” with master kernel branch is not stable as UI / Services are not booting up.

Since the android branch as well kernel branch both are not compatible.

We could able to resolve this issue now with using the “git checkout eae6367” to a version released by default and editing this kernel source .

Thanks for lookup and some insights for this.

We should need a bundle of known-good build for kernel too in my opinion to be maintained.