SOLVED: Flashing the eMMC from SD UART session


I am trying to understand how to flash the eMMC from the UART session with the Debian SD card image (nor developer SD)…
I mean, once inserted the SD card in my Dragonboard, instead of using the graphical installer with the HDMI LCD screen, I need to do it from UART.

The shell prompt is:


the flash script is (as I understand) named flash:


# This script is called by the grpahical installer, and:
#  * it is called from the folder which contains the build to flash
#  * with "-o /dev/<output>"

OUTPUT=$(basename $2)
SCRIPTPATH=$(dirname $(readlink -f "$0") )
sudo $SCRIPTPATH/mksdcard -p partitions.txt -i $PWD -o /dev/$OUTPUT -s $((`cat /sys/block/$OUTPUT/size`/2))

which is located in the OS partition, mounted on /mnt from the linaro-installer session.
How do I have to execute the script ? What are the argument I have to use for ?
Could you please provide any info on it ?

Thank you in advance.

Problem solved.
Sorry but now it’s late here and I didn’t look well at the script itself… :confused:

The OS partition is mounted on /mnt.
So, from /mnt/debian, execute:

../flash -o mmcblk0