Solution GPU drivers Rock960?

I just did a test of GLMARK2, and so I can see the rock960 with their respective drivers do not load the opengl module, so the acceleration is unusable, loads the generic driver of gallium 0.4, but not the rockchip, with what is virtualizing the driver and gives a weighted performance of 21 fps.

That way the debian can not work properly, there is no acceleration of x11 in 2d and 3d.

The only thing I do not like about the combination of rockchip and mali, is the heavy support of closed drivers.

In raspberry pi, they have the module of acceleration by openglesv2, under dispmanx, and it is a board that gives more performance carrying a lower hardware.

The truth, I do not understand the position of rockchip.

The only way that rock960 works properly is with Android, but it is already known that it works differently, and that android works natively with opengl.

We have a big problem with the GPU and LINUX drivers.

I would be interested in some kind of solution to this 2D/3D acceleration issue in Debian–haven’t run Debian on my Rock960 in a while but can confirm an error message right before the output of glxinfo, something along the lines of the rockchip module being unable to load. The output of xvinfo indicates Glamor acceleration, however video playback in Kodi, even 360p content, is a bit stuttery.

At the moment I am stuck with LibreELEC 9 as a Kodi box + poor man’s NAS. But I would really like a “real” Linux with acceleration on this beefy embedded hardware… :penguin: