Slow Chromium Performance

Hi All,is there a fix (or alternative) for the really slow Chromium on Debian? When I launch it my Dragonboard starts to crawl and becomes useless.


This is most likely due to memory usage. Perhaps try midori which is a bit slimmer and often paired with LXDE.

I had a user point out that his Firefox or Chromium Browser would crash when 2 (or more) tabs were open on Linaro 4.4.23.

I suggested that he add a 1GB swap file using the instructions here: This apparently solved the problem (I haven’t tested it myself).

Another way to add a 1GB swap file is to install the Debian package “dphys-swapfile” which contains some useful scripts for creating and auto-“mounting” the file-based swap at boot. Just edit /etc/dphys-swapfile to taste and off you go.

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