SD install and boot from eMMC - installer screen does not appear


I have spent a very frustrating evening trying to install the “” file.
This is my first time with 283 and it is failing. I am writing the card on macOS as usual and I am using a card from my normal pile of SD cards I use.
The only thing that has changed in my setup since last time I wrote a card is that I have switched to macOS High Sierra (version 10.13.3).
Is this problem on seen with macOS?
What version of macOS are people using?


You didn’t describe what “failing” means :wink:.

Is it failing in the same way as some of the posters described above (arriving at a login prompt instead of installer screen)?


Doh! Good point.

As a result of your reply I have reread this thread and my “failing” is different from the original one on this thread. Apologies!

My issue is that the LEDs are flashing away as expected but nothing appears on the HDMI screen.
Indeed my screen appears to go straight in to power saving mode when the Dragonboard starts up. This means I never get the installer screen to appear.


Hi @barryb

Can you connect to the serial console and take a look at the error messages while boot. I suspect you have a ‘fast’ SDCard and it is giving read timeouts hence the system crashes before getting to the installer.

@danielt: do we have a bug open for the SDCard issue? (UHS and Class 10 cards)

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@danielt: do we have a bug open for the SDCard issue? (UHS and Class 10 cards)

I thought we did… although I can’t currently find it!


Well this is embarrassing!

Turns out the issue for me was that the HDMI port on my old monitor (that I only dig out to flash Dragonboards with) has died.

Apologies for the noise…