SD card upgrade for 820c

In this page, “SD card Recovery image” is mentioned but instructions are not documented in Installation Page – only FASTBOOT is mentioned.
Is the SD card installation supposed to work for 820C? I have seen lots of articles about SD card installation for 410c but none for 820c.

AFAIK, there is no sdcard ‘installer’ image for 820c (though it should be possible to use the 410c one, replacing the boot partition). The USB/fastboot way is the easier solution.

Hmm… well…

Lack of documentation is probably an oversight. The image can be downloaded from here;

Extract the “.img” file from the archive “”, dd it to an sdcard, boot it, and see what happens.

Thanks guys. I was able to boot from SD card. We have an image provided by a third party who makes 820 SOM. The same image worked for the SOM and also for the Dragonbaord.

hey… just noticing this thread now. I can add a few details.

for 820c Linaro provides an SD rescue image, e.g. when booting with this SD card, you will boot (from SD) into fastboot, and any “fastboot flash” command will write into the onboard storage (UFS). Hence the name ‘rescue’.

However we do not write an SD card installer, and the 410c installer won’t work on 820c. The main reason is that the SD installer uses a ‘flasher’ utility which creates the GPT (and all partitions) and write the images into each partition, and this ‘flasher’ does not work with UFS. Well it does not work with 4K sector size, it only supports 512… I have to admit it’s a bit of a shame we didn’t find the time to make this change… however with the rescue image, and with QDL we already have 2 great installation methods…

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