Saving Power / Lower power consumption mode?

We develop a Video Processing system based on SD820 SOM from a third party. We are trying to implement a power saving mode where we reduce the frame rate much lower than the usual 30fps, etc. to conserve battery.

We have tried cpufreq utility to lower the clock frequencies and changing the governor settings, but it wasn’t good enough.
We also noticed the GPU clock speed can be configured in the device tree.
Is there any other places we can tweak? Can we change clock frequency for the DSP, hardware encoder/decoder or the ISP?
Any help is appreciated.

Normally clocks are enabled and scaled depending on the demand (at least for the encoder/decoder). What you could do is trying to disable subsystem you don’t use in the device tree. You can also put some cpus offline (big ones?) when you want to switch low power mode.

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