Running 4K film on Hikey 960


We are building an art installation that requires a variety of actuator connections as well as the display of 4k film on an embedded monitor. We used Python to develop the actuators using a Raspberry Pi but are unable to include the 4K film; something we now realise the RPi isn’t capable of. My question is, will the Hikey 960 manage a series of actuators such as solenoids and fans as well as run 4K film? If it will work but with the addition of other elements, could you please include that information in your response. Thank you.


AFAIK Hikey-960 HDMI peripheral Bridge IC (ADV7535) is limited to 1080p. You can explore existing boards here: E.g. The Dragonboard 820c supports up to 4k60 FPS with h264/h265 hardware decoding. The Rock 960 seems to be a good candidate as well.

What kind of interface do you need to control your actuators (GPIO, I2C, PWM…) ? You have to take care about signaling level which is 1.8v on 96Boards boards, so addistional level shifter(s) can be requested.