ROS Noetic/ROS Foxy on Qualcomm RB5

Hi, I am recent buyer of the RB5 Platform, I have used the official SDK but I am limited by Ubuntu 18.04, I would ask:

Is Linaro OS compatible with ROS Noetic and ROS2 Foxy? (they normaly run on Ubuntu 20.04)
If yes whitch version of Linaro and RB5 FW I have to install?

Thanks in Advance

The images on are simply (lightly) customized Debian images and currently are based on Debian sid. Debian is a tier 3 platform for ROS so, whilst it will probably work, there are no downloadable binaries available. To enable ROS on these platforms you would have to follow the build instructions (which may need minor tweaks if there is any change in the way the dependencies are packaged).