Rooting Android


Does anyone know how to root Android for DragonBoard?


Isnt ‘adb root’ working for you?
The default image should be a ‘userdebug’ variant and there is no need to root .

If you are facing issues, you can always create your own ‘userdebug’ image following the procedure mentioned here:



He is probably confused because he is trying to run android applications written by children that aren’t being granted access to root by another application being written by children when requested.

Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have root on the device, just means that those applications are (rightly!!!) being prevented from accessing it.

Access to root via terminal emulator installed ON Android should be achievable by enabling adb over network, and issuing “adb connect localhost”, then “adb root; adb shell” or “adb shell” followed by “su”.

I recommend STRONGLY AGAINST allowing applications written by “who knows who” from root credentials.


Assuming that I know the risks of running applications that require root on the Dragonboard, some more detailed instructions on rooting would be helpful.

For example, I can use ADB and get root that way (command prompt in the shell has # not $), but on the device itself, the the owner does not have root.

“su” is in system/xbin with -rwsrwsr-- permissions the superuser app (SuperSU 2.65) and Busybox are installed and recognized but “Root Verifier” App says that root permissions are not granted and any app that requires root fails to work.

Of course Developer Mode has been enabled.

Any guidance or advice would be appreciated.


Hi, I’m new to building Android from source, so far I’ve managed to build and install following the guide posted above.

Running “su” from adb shell works, but I also need root for my app to run some commands like changing the resolution and stuff.

I managed to achieve the above by using SuperSU by following this guide.

What i want to ask is, how do i include the above steps into the system.img rather than doing it manually? I’ve tried unpacking system.img, adding the files in and repacking using “make_ext4” but when I flash the new system.img and run “su” from shell nothing happens (no su access/#) and there’s no more root from shell.

Is there some kind of different make steps I’m missing when repacking the system.img? or is there a way i can include these files from the source code and have it built using the normal “make” method?


CyanogenMod has a superuser package here:

Alternatively, there is another repo here that seems to have the app and daemon necessary: