Rootfs partition not found?


I have a dragon board 845c, I was updating the software on it the other day. I still had the original ubuntu(?) install on it.

I updated the firmware on it and I’m able to flash the boot partition successfully however when I try and flash the rootfs it fails

fastboot flash rootfs linaro-sid-developer-dragonboard-845c-377.img
Sending sparse ‘rootfs’ 1/17 (96640 KB) OKAY [ 2.454s]
Writing ‘rootfs’ FAILED (remote: ‘Partition not found’)
fastboot: error: Command failed

On the serial console I see
Fastboot: Initializing…
Fastboot: Processing commands
qusb2_1: hstx: 6
PLL1 locked: 5
usb_lane: 0
Handling Cmd: getvar:has-slot:boot
Handling Cmd: getvar:current-slot
Handling Cmd: getvar:max-download-size
Handling Cmd: getvar:is-logical:boot_a
Handling Cmd: download:012fd000
Download Finished
Handling Cmd: flash:boot_a
flash image status: Success
Handling Cmd: getvar:has-slot:rootfs
Handling Cmd: getvar:max-download-size
Handling Cmd: getvar:is-logical:rootfs
Handling Cmd: download:05e60370
Download Finished
Handling Cmd: flash:rootfs
Partition not found : rootfs_a

With other boards I could flash the ptable, then fast boot reboot etc etc, but I’m not seeing where to find the linux ptable so I can move forward with my debian install.

Looking here :


can you describe how you ‘updated the firmware’, which instructions you used, and which version?

the ‘rootfs’ partition is something we create in the custom firmware that we release here when using the ‘linux’ flavor. If you used the ‘aosp’ flavor we use the more common Android ptable.

So couple of things.

  1. the instructions are wrong if you’re working with a board of some vintage. At some point in the past it wasn’t rootfs it was system so based on the partition table I had, that explains the one error.

  2. Using flashall from dragonboard-845c-bootloader-ufs-linux-50 gets me to the new partition table where it’s now rootfs

  3. happier board :slight_smile:


can you please point me to the instructions? we should fix them. In general, we add a ‘disclaimer’ that we assume the latest firmware is flashed.

This has nothing at all to do with “vintage”.

A “system” partition is an ANDROID thing. If you have that partition, then it means you have the ANDROID partition table installed.

My board was running Linux with the partitions setup as sent from the factory. My reference to “vintage” is perhaps less than great, “factory default” perhaps might be better? Why they shipped with a linux install but an android partition table is beyond me.

In the grand scheme it’s really not a big deal as long as one does a flashall. That step was essential or I’d still be trying to fastboot flash to a partition that isn’t there.

There’s no telling what the hardware vendor will include.