ROCK960C Availability

Does anyone know what the current availability is like for the ROCK960C board, or whether it is even still in production?

Surprisingly this board has been unavailable for a VERY long time. I too thought it was dead. But today I looked on and it was available. It is still listed as unavailable on the Vamrs store, so I don’t know the real status.

On a related question. The ‘latest’ downloadable binaries for the Rock960 board(s) is Ubuntu 16.04. Where can I find the latest builds for this board, Or can I make my own build and install it on the board?

I suspect those are the latest images available from the vendor.

Making your own build is certainly possible, a lot the RK3399 drivers are upstream. The “trick” is probably finding something to start from. The best approach might be to continue this work: .

This PR was withdrawn before it was merged so you’d have to do a bit of git wrangling but it is good for highlighting the relatively small changes you need to make to image generators like armbian to adapt them to new boards.

PS I also noticed a patch in the PR that looks like it disables WiFi so there is likely still work to do after getting the basics in place.