Rock960 with OV5647


I’m trying to get the OV5647 working with a rock960 and a AISTARTVISION MIPI Adapter.

So far I know that a DTB file has to be configured. But I don’t know the options and signal names. I found a template that was used for the rk3288:

camera0: ov5647@36 {
		compatible = "ovti,ov5647";
		reg = <0x36>;
		clocks = <&ext_cam_clk>;
		status = "okay";

	port {
		camera_out: endpoint {
			remote-endpoint = <&mipi_rx0_in>;
			data-lanes = <1 2>;


I was not able to compile a bootable image with that config.

Any ideas to get the OV5647 working?


You should look/join this thread: What I need to do with MIPI adater?
The configuration will be the same, except for the compatible string.


thank you a lot. I stopped searching the internet last week and missed this thread. I will hook up there.