Rock960 OV5645 ISP tuning


We’ve just ordered Rock960 & Aistarvision OV5645 mezzanine, and I ran into this post.

I wanted to follow up on it as it mentions that greenish color balance issue will be solved.
Are there any updates on this? If not, could you share how we can tune it ourselves?


Hi…Rockchip ISP is the picture flagging processor block found in Rockchip SoCs. This ISP block empowers the utilization of associating double MIPI CSI cameras and preparing the information stream. There are two ISP blocks present in RK3399 SoC and each can deal with 14 Megapixel range. Notwithstanding, just ISP0 is tried on Rock960 sheets and the equivalent is recorded in this guide.

The driver executes the V4L2 subdev interface and Media Controller API. With the objective to display the equipment joins between the modules and to uncover a spotless, coherent and usable interface, the driver is parted into V4L2 sub-gadgets.