RK3566 / RK3568 SWD openocd debug help

Any one use busblaster-kt-link debug RK3566 or RK3568 successful

or using olimex-arm-usb-tiny-h + olimex-arm-jtag-swd debug RK3566 or RK3568 successful

could anyone share your hardware circuit and openocd .cfg

got answer here

You can see both here http://notes.zahoryzontnik.com/

The other link posted above contains some useful info, but without the detailed description it woukd be difficult to make use of it.

I used another swd probe (jlink) but anyone will do. I’m connecting to the rk3566 chip using swd through the SD card slot so you need emmc chip if you want to use this method. Alternatively you can wire another SD port of your board makes this available.