Rfp 15.10 ce aosp no video

No video from either a custom build of RFP 15.10 or from using pre-built binaries. Any ideas? My board pushed video out for 15.12, but I need an older version of Android…no there is no video!? What do I need to do? I noticed install and / or build instructions for 15.10 did not include the HDMI binaries from here wget https://dl.google.com/dl/android/aosp/linaro-hikey-20160226-67c37b1a.tgz but called for some mali drivers…

I followed install directions for 15.10 from here: https://github.com/96boards/documentation/wiki/CE-AOSP-RPB-HiKey-15.10-Install

I’m using a HYUNDAI P2447D monitor that supports 1920x1080

correction:: Monitor is HYUNDAI P247DDD

And when I built from source, I followed these instructions: https://github.com/96boards/documentation/wiki/CE-AOSP-RPB-HiKey-15.10-Build

I’ve tried with the HDMI binaries and no go!

I need to get a working version of Android < 6.0 on the device

Are you saying there was video on the same monitor for 15.12? See below post regarding problems with display and filing bugs. Maybe try reducing your resolution to 720p to see if that helps.


I only got video out of the HDMI when I followed these instructions:


How do I reduce the resolution on the build?

See below thread. HTH.


There’s also another more involved thread regarding changing screen resolution, but for the db410c. Still, you might be able to get something from the abootimg part.