Require Qualcomm snapdragon 865 .wks yocto build

Hi, I am trying to build AGL for Qualcomm snapdragon 865 board but am unable to find the .wks for the image generation process . I find it in meta-qcomm folder 420c.wks file tested the same for 865 board but it’s not supported send me supporting documents and files.

No .wks support is available for this platform.

Install instructions for OpenEmbedded based builds are in the release notes for the RPB example builds: Linaro Releases

You should be familiar with the entire of the release notes for OpenEmbedded on RB5 but, in particular, see Important note(s) about this release for information about the system firmware (which must be pre-installed before anything else) and Flashing the prebuilt images for info on how to install the images using fastboot.

I want to build AGL for the RB5 board by using yocto build process it is asking to include .wks file final image generation process suggest me any nearby machine which supports RB5.

without .wks how I can generate the final image?

I suspect you have not set the IMAGE_FSTYPE correctly in the board templates you wrote for the RB5. Try searching (repo grep) for AGL_DEFAULT_IMAGE_FSTYPES and that should give you some examples to help you fix your template.