Request for future hardware change

I’ve been going over the schematics, and I noticed that on all versions of A/B and C, the PCM pins on the bluetooth module are not connected. I’ve also noticed that I2S1 is unused. Some of the pins are used for GPIO, but this is not necessary since there are many other unused pins that could be used for GPIO.

It would be very nice if a future board revision would connect all 4 PCM pins of the bluetooth module to I2S1 port. This is critically necessary in order to make use of bluetooth HFP profile.

Second hardware revision I recommend;

Reverse the connections to the USB-C port and the USB-A port that is immediately next to it.
The USB-C port should be the DUAL MODE (host/device) USB 3.0 port.
Next to it can be USB-A 2.0 and 3.0 host only ports.
This also eliminates the need for the switch on the bottom to select host/device mode.

Note that this makes CORRECT use of the connectors, since USB-C is designed to be a dual-mode connector. Using the USB-A port as a device port is incorrect use of that connector.

I believe that the USB ports are set the way they are in an ill-advised move to duplicate the RockPi 4, which implements a physical duplicate of raspberry pi’s 4 USB-A socket configuration. Since the rk3399 has 4 USB ports, that forced implementation of all 4 USB ports as A-sockets. That hack is not needed for 96boards layout.