Reply to forum emails now posts plus two other changes


Since we launched the website in February, we have had many requests to improve the forums. At the beginning of June, we enabled subscriptions, but this didn’t automatically include all replies. In mid-July, we tried to enable that and ended up spamming lots of people - apologies again for that. We now believe we’ve fixed this AND we’ve added the ability to reply to posts direct from email. We hope this will work as expected - we’re keeping a close eye on it and I’m sure people will let us know if we are spamming them again.

If you use this, please do not include the original email or your contact details in the reply - they will appear in the post (i.e. you should delete everything below your response). In addition, if you wish to use more complex formatting, we recommend you go direct to the forum to post.

You may have also noted two other changes over the last few weeks:

When you reply, the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” checkbox will be selected by default. Please deselect if you do not want to receive follow-up replies.

When replying, there is now a toolbar to help you format your comments with bold, italics, links, images and also code blocks.


great - thanks steve for dealing promptly with the spam, it’s so important to let people choose based on their own time and availability.


You’re spamming us again.

And reply by e-mail doesn’t work (didn’t see any errors but my post didn’t show up).


I’m getting notifications for topics I never subscribed to.


Please unsubscribe me from this list.