Reliable display supplier

Hello there,

does anybody has expirience with reliable MIPI display supplier?

We search for 4-5" capacitive touchscreen and MIPI display 480-720p for embedded device which have only MIPI DSI interface available. I also found some DSI bridges (ANX7805, SN65DSI83) to convert signal to LVDS or similar (possible usage of panel with different interface), but the native MIPI display would be better due to cost reduction.
We plan to use “universal” connector on main board containing MIPI signals, i2c and power. Second “display” board will be connected to the main board to create specific power levels to drive backlight and also to reroute signals to connector used on display.

There are many chinase display supliers but I’m not confident about the reliability. Just few concernes comming into my mind.

  1. It is common that first few batches has good parameters but through the time supplier tries to make shortcuts and quality decreeses.
  2. Reliability in terms of time. It is also common small suppliers to vanish from market without any warning.
  3. How difficult is it start to use differend display which has “same” interface? For ex. 4-lane MIPI, same resolution and also capacitive touch.
  4. Also the price is huge deal breaker. Ideal price would be under 12 USD.

We are heading to produce about 1k per month. I’m sure some of you have better experience with this due to it is our first product of that kind. Any help appreciated.

I’m working with Kingtech Group (Shenzen Elsun) now, happy with the quality and level of support so far. We are in the prototyping business so we require only very low volumes. Price therefore isn’t really a big deal.