Regenerate kernel for a specific snapshoot



On there a lot of snapshot…

I found that I can rebuild android “user-space” using pinned-manifest.xml. It’s working…

But how can i rebuild the kernel associated with this snapshoot ?

Thanks for your help…


refer to building the kernel section here:



Thanks for answer, i known and i already use this proc to rebuild the head kernel…

My question is how rebuild exactly the same one that was included in the snapshot.
Actually i don’t known how found the branch nor the tag… I have only the content of :

On this snapshot (kernel 4.4), hardware decoding is good (minor lag on decoding, on head it’s broken maybe 4.9 kernel issue), and I don’t have any graphic issue (on head the graphic is buggy and there’s a lot of partial area refresh)…

Head is not eligible for a demo of my application, the Snapshot 190 is not perfect but it’s working correctly for my demo…

My first goal is to rebuild user & kernel to check if it’s work like the snapshoot, and in second time to apply my mods & patchs…



you can checkout kernel 4.4

git checkout -b android-hikey-linaro-4.4 origin/android-hikey-linaro-4.4

the prebuilt kernels are build from this source as well, so it shouldn’t be different


Take a look at pinned-manifest.xml in this directory. It has the exact version of everything that contributes to the build.


Thanks for answer, I will try quickly…